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Snowy Range Mountain Wedding, Shayla and Dillon

Shayla and Dillon's mutual love of the outdoors is one of the many reasons they fell in love. Having the Snowy Range Mountains as the backdrop for their June 13th wedding in Wyoming made for a breathtaking and enchanting ceremony. The new Mr. and Mrs. Upton were the first couple I've ever heard recite their own vows, and it was one of the most special ceremonies I've ever been a part of. While it may not be the most appropriate thing for the photographer to cry at the wedding, Shayla and Dillon made this softy shed a tear more than once that day with their fun-loving and heartfelt admiration for one another. Shayla and Dillon were also adventurous enough to venture out into the soggy Snowy Range forest for the perfect portraits. And much to my thankfulness, they did their best to contain their embarrassment when I fell not once, but twice in the mud while trying to circumvent the muddy forest in my wedge heels and black dress. Luckily, many mosquito bites and bruises later, I wouldn't trade those wedding portraits for anything. What a magical day. Thank you Shayla and Dillon for allowing me to be a part of it.

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