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Mat and Regina

This past year I moved to Fort Collins, Colorado in August for a position teaching at Front Range Community College. For me, it was a huge step because it was the first time I'd ever moved to a new town where I really didn't know anybody. (When I went to school at UW, I felt as though I already knew half the campus when I arrived.) Consequently, it was a challenging and lonely first couple of months in the new town. Then enter Mat and Regina. I'd met Mat in high school one summer when he was working on his parent's ranch in Lusk for a short time. We didn't talk often, but when he saw on Facebook that I'd be moving to Fort Collins, he recommend that I meet up with him and his wife Regina. As it so happens, this would be one of the best decisions I ever made. Regina and I were instant friends. She is the type of person whose laughter brightens the spirits of everyone she's near. As I've become closer to Mat and Regina the past several months, I'd been pestering them about letting me do their portraits to return the numerous favors they've done me. Not to mention, Mat and Regina were married two years earlier and I felt like I missed out on my opportunity to capture all of that newlywed bliss action. Luckily, they introduced me to their friends Nick and Caroline (see previous blog post) who would ask me to do their engagement portraits this spring. We made a day trip to Estes Park and I was able to squeeze Mat and Regina in for more than a few frames. And what a wonderful thing that we did, right? These could possibly be the happiest portraits I've ever taken. Thanks Mat and Regina, for being great people and even better friends.

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