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Nick and Caroline, Estes Park Engagement

I first met Nick and Caroline through our mutual friends Mat and Regina. The 5 of us (6 counting miss Rey-- see final photos for her adorable cameo) decided to head out to Estes State Park one afternoon to make the most out of our trip for engagement photos. We were initially a bit discouraged when we battled heavy rain and near 60 mph winds the minute we arrived in Estes Park. We decided to head over to the historic Stanley Hotel in hopes of perhaps evading the bad weather and capturing some indoor photos with the gorgeous hotel architecture. Little did we know that everybody in the town of Estes Park would have had the same idea about avoiding the weather.

After toughing it out with other tourists in the Stanley we headed out to the park in hopes that the weather would cooperate. When we got to the top of lookout mountain we were met with a sudden flurry of heavy snow (so much for that beautiful look-out photo we were hoping to capture). However, it turned out to be one of the most magical, memorable, and exciting photo opportunities I've captured to date. Nick and Caroline fearlessly posed like pros in the falling snow that quickly turned to wet hair and cold, soggy clothes. I was also happy that I finally persuaded Mat and Regina (married for 2 years now) to step in for a few photos as well (see next blog post!)

I know that Nick and Caroline were initially a bit nervous for engagement photos, but I'm so glad I got the chance to get to know them a little better through this experience. I think by the looks of things you'd think these two were pretty much professionals at posing for couples photos, which should come in handy during their wedding in their native Boston next summer!

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