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Bailey & Clyde, Vintage Engagement Shoot

Let me tell ya a story about my best friend. Meet Bailey. We've known each other since she moved to Lusk in the first grade. The minute I saw her sweet dinosaur-cartoon drawing skills, I knew I wanted her to be my best friend. Through the years and hundred of miles between us, we've managed to remain friends all of these years (and I think that's pretty special). Insert to the story Clyde: Bailey's now fiancé. I appreciate Clyde for all the times he's had to wait patiently while Bailey and I spend hours catching up on all of the things we missed over months apart. Oh, and did I mention their Chihuahua-pug mix Louise? Don't be fooled by her dramatic expressions, she just might be the most loved pup on the planet.

Bailey and Clyde share my love of style with a fantastic vintage flair.So needless to say I was over the moon when Bailey said she wanted to do a vintage styled shoot! I immediately thought of the Union Central Station in Denver, and was excited to go back in time and capture their love with that old-time claire. These two are some seriously stylish love birds, no?

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